Life in a Box – The Offbeat

Life in a Box, a short story about the claustrophobia of cubicle life, was published last month in The Offbeat Literary Magazine. Unfortunately, The Offbeat is strictly a print magazine so there’s no online link. But I did perform an early version of the short story back in the day at Goodbye Blue Mondays with friend/jazz guitarist Chris Conly and his ever-changing trio. Amazing group of musicians. I just walked into the studio, riffed off the theme that was in my head while writing the story, and the band immediately started playing the tune on the spot.

Here’s the audio link to live performance of Life in a Box.

Photo Credit: Matchbox by Allard Architecture

PRINT! : Exit Strata Launch Party (Video)

Missed the Exit Strata: Print! No. #1 launch in May? Fear not, here’s a a glimpse of what went down during our Readings/Performance segment of the festivities, courtesy of poet and friend Bill Considine.

Video features music by singer/song writer Billy Libby on acoustic guitar (and Kallie Ciechomski on viola) and readings by Bill Considine, Benjamin Wiessner, and Peter Milne Greiner.

Looking to get your hands on a copy of our first print issue? The magazine is now available for purchase online through Barnes & Noble and for sale at local bookstores such as St. Marks and Left Bank in NYC, as well as Green Hand, Yes Books, and Longfellow Bookstore in Portland, Maine (see full list here!).

Plain Jane – Jazz Noir

This is the live performance of Plain Jane, a jazz noir experiment a few years back at the Roger Smith Gallery in New York for John Mclane’s Shotgun Project. All music composed by Mike MacAllister, with exception of the Plain Jane theme (which I wrote for the piece). Jazz trio is Gerad O’Shea on tenor sax, Jamie Bishop on upright bass, and Mike MacAllister on electric guitar.

Part 1. “Rude Awakening”

Part 2. “Coffee & Jam”

Part 3. “Motel Room #19”

Part 4. “Dirty Laundry”

Part 5. “Morning Paper”