EXIT Strata: New Lit/Art Magazine

Attention Writers/Artists:
Open call for submissions through September 1st for the first issue of EXIT strata, a new lit/art magazine.

What is ‘EXIT strata’, you might ask? Well, it’s a little Dada, so to speak. EXIT strata is an upcoming art/lit magazine, which will be a postmodern take on the traditional literary magazine, as well as a parody on everything that is a consumer magazine. It will be absurd, necessarily, and a 50/50 split between art and literature, often merging the two through collaboration between artists and writers. Flash fiction, poetry, short essays, new york sights and scenes, play excerpts, equations for a better life, parodies of magazine ads, art/word spurts, all playing with the left/right, two-page spread of books (both vertically in the juxtaposition of two pages, and horizontally across the fold) and what can only be done with a book in its hard-copy print form, reinvented between the margins.

For more details and submission information, please visit the EXIT strata website.

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